Upfront Transport And Logistics Around The World

  • Brokerage and Transportation
  • We are providing clearance service, express clearance and transportation for all ports, airport, borders and all special economic zones.

  • Project And Breakbulk Cargo
  • We are offering project and breakbulk cargo at Sihanoukville port, Phnom Penh port and big projects in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville city, as well as other provinces.

  • Air Freight And Sea Freight
  • We are providing air freight and sea freight for both co-loader and direct customers for all over the world to Cambodia and from Cambodia to all countries in the world.

  • CO And CDC Applying
  • We are also offering services to apply CO and CDC for factories, small, medium, and big enterprises. We will consult to provide useful advices and we will prepare all documents to customers with confidentially.


Why Choose Us?

We got feedback from our clients that our services are very good, can challenges with international logistics company or global freight forwarding company.

All staffs are well-trained before they can join with our operation team. Most of our staffs can use foreign languages such as English, Chinese and other useful languages to communicate with customers.

We have good relationships and partnerships with all relevant institutions to help our working process faster.

Our staffs are full of experience in handling customer’s cargoes with expertise.

We have a clear framework and hierarchy for working and satisfying our customers.

We have express license to process fast customer clearance for our customers.

We have a better rate and competitive price to provide our customers.

Our Customers

Our Potential Customers We Work With

  • Direct To Customers
  • Like factories, enterprises, trading companies and personal importers. All the above customers have their own cargo movement from all over the world to Cambodia and from Cambodia to all countries in the world.

  • Co-Loaders, Freight Forwarders, And Logistics Partners
  • For the above partners, we can help each other to handle cargo from one place to another places, and we can share mutual benefits, as we have the same goal, and our goal is to help and coordinate shipments for our customers smoothly and to be on time delivery.