Founder Message


“We aim to make ourselves to be one of the biggest logistics service providers in Cambodia, and our goal can be succeeded unless we have strong team to support. So first of all, we need to train our staff with good quality like soft and hard skill, then our staff can serve our customers well with good care, the same like we care our staffs. We also do hope at the same time our staffs can learn more skills from this logistics field and are full of experience and ability to work”.

“Cambodia Logistics is more energetic in the past years, and expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Due to a better economic plus a better offer from the governments for factories and SMEs, we believe that more investors will come to invest more and more in Cambodia, so we need to be ready to serve our logistics services for customers, and be ready to compete with overseas logistics that operate in our country”.

Our Team

We have divided our team as following

  • Business Development Team
  • The team which do market research and bring records/data for our sales and marketing team to do more sale and marketing plans.

  • Accountant And Finance Team
  • Which to support our customers and give advices with a better consultation for our customers.

  • Operation Team
  • The team which they can use both Chinese and English language that enable them to handle with Chinese customers well for their daily import and export operations.

  • Sale And Marketing Team
  • The strong team which they are well-trained to check and offer quotations with a competitive rate for our customers.

  • Supporting Team
  • We also have co-loader, freight forwarders, logistics partners, local and globally networking to support our daily working process.

Our Team

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